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Improve ROAS & Scale Your Brand Beyond ₹50L MRR using 
Scroll Stopping UGC ads & Paid Advertising 

We Help Brands with Scroll Stopping Performance Creatives & Paid Marketing to Scale Sales profitably
Get Scroll Stopping Online Ads, Solid Ad Account Structure & High Retention Email & Message Sequences for your Brand
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We've Assited 40+ Brands Achieve Target Revenue Goals Profitably

It's Your Turn to Achieve the same!

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Here's a Sneakpeak of our TOP performing UGC Ads 

Services We Offer to Scale your Brand

Google Ads

We help you manage Google Ads, the right way. We optimise your campaigns and keywords on a daily basis, hyper targeting on conversion focussed keywords and setting up all the automated Google Performance Campaigns to churn out high returns from Google. (P.S - google gives you the highest ROAS, we make it happen!)

Meta Ads

3 things for Meta ads success are Scroll Stopping Creatives, Right Messaging that alligns with your audience and Bullet Proof Campaign Structure with right testing and Scaling campaigns in place.

Our team works like a factory to continuously change creative messaging and crafting messages that allign with target audience and make conversions happen at a faster rate. 

UGC Content Creation

We create Scroll Stopping Video Ads that are highly action oriented and relatable. You just need to ship out your product and we will be ready with the first video on the 5th day. Crack this code and you flood your Top of funnel users that would love to buy your Product. 

We have already cracked that code for you!

Conversion Rate Optimisation

The customer who lands on your page needs to go through the entire shopping journey before they go ahead and buy the product. We refine this journey by making your Online store more refined, make sure to have the right triggers to keep the customer engaged, help them with seamless checkout and  give your customer the best shopping experience.


We use Emails & Whatsapp Messages to keep your existing customers engaged and increase customer Life Time Value (LTV). This also helps your brand build trust, loyalty and fanbase. This is the system that helps you, when social media platforms hit a downtime.

We Use these Services in a COMBINATION to Help you Build a PAID ONLINE MARKETING ACQUISITION SYSTEM That gets you



Cost per Acquisitions

Increased Conversion Rates of your online Store


Higher Brand Visibility Online & Trust


Predictable Brand Revenue

What Problems does TAC help you Solve

❌ Irregular & Non-Predictable Sales Patterns

You are going through irregular sales patterns. Your current team/agency does not have the right answer to why your store is undergoing this pattern.

❌ High Drop-offs, Lack of CRO

There are high drop offs on your online store and your customers are not having a subtle experience. You need an expert to suggest the right changes to your store and increase the conversion rate.

❌ Not Having a clear Roadmap of Execution

Do you have a revenue goal and profit goal in place for your Brand? if yes, is your team on the right run rate to achieve it? Is their a clear executable roadmap to achieve it? If no, then we are the right team for you.

❌ No Active Creative Tests & Market Messaging Tests

We have come across brands that run same ads throughout the year with same Marketing message and copy. Little do they know, that the ad hits saturation point for your audience. You need to consistently work on ad testing and message testing that gives your fresh profits through out the year and avoid unsteady results.


❌ Stuck at a Revenue Revenue Figure, not able to get past it profitably

Your brand is stuck at $30K to $40K revenue and you loose significant ROAS the moment you try to scale. You are clueless of how you can take your brand to new heights. This is where our major expertise lies in.

❌ Present Agency Not giving the right attention that your Brand Needs

Agencies tend to work with multiple clients at a time and attention gets split between various brands. Leaving your brand with lack of attention. We have a dedicated team of 5 that will be allocated for your brand only. this makes us give more attention to your brand and achieve the right targets.

❌ Lack of Transparency & Clear Communication

Ever heard ''we have used a special strategy to grow your brand'' from your team, but you are completely clueless about what that is, and how its going to impact your business. We dont keep you in the dark. You will be completely aware of how things work and how the executions are going to impact your brands growth.

❌ Lack of co-ordination between agency & In-house team

A tough situation where the 2 teams are not in the right sync and theres no defined role that drives your growth. You are confused and anxious. This is where we take ownership and drive your growth with clear defined processes in place to develop sync between both teams.

❌ No Goal/Progress Tracking

Are you tracking the customer journey every day , why is there a drop off? what is the reason, how can the daily level numbers be improved and are you on the right track to achieve your monthly goals. If not, we keep a track of all this on a daily level and update if any quick action is necessary.

❌ Lack of passiveness and Zest by inhouse team and Current Agency

Agencies work in full zest or the first 2 months of onboarding a client, but later that zest fades away and you are driving your brands marketing instead of your team. We have the right systems in place to avoid this scenario, making sure that the team has constant zest throughout the year.

❌ Having Multiple Managers on Same Account

Account managers in different agencies tend to leave, keeping your brand at a pause stage until the manager is replaced. Every member of our 5 member team assigned to your brand has their own accountability to avoid this situation.

compare to other Agencies

Here's How we

The Advertisement Company

Other Agencies

Weekly Run Rate Evaluation

Weekly Live Assistance Calls

Daily Calls Feature for Brands that need extra attention

24H Chat Support

Performance Marketing done by Experts. Not Interns.

Fake Promises & Non-Data Backed Predictions

Timeline Tracking Sheet + Execution Tracking Sheet + Brand Goal Tracking Assets

Money Back Garauntee

No-Burn Methodology

Building a long term Marketing System rather than a one time Rise & Fall

Results Obtained for our Clients!


It's Your Time to Hire the Right Team & Hit Record High Revenues & Profitability for your Brand!

What our Client's have to Say 

''They always keep us on top of every trend!''
- Sneha
Founder, Boujee Beauty

The Clarity and a depth of every marketing process is just unparalleled. The team guided me in the right direction and boosted my business growth!
- Dr. Francis
Radah Academy

Exceptional Service & Delivery. definitely recommend Rahil & Team to get the marketing job done.
- Annelise Piers
YinYoga Entrepreneur

- Aryan,
  Co-founder HUSTLEZY

''We have been actively working with Rahil for the past 6 months and we are extremely happy with his services. He is prompt, professional, knowledgeable and always dedicated towards the work. He has innovative ideas on how to generate more awareness and guidance is not just limited to marketing domain. It feels like we are working with in-house team rather than agency because of his active involvement and consultation in all aspects of business. He is open to suggestions and is always available for discussions. After all their work speaks a lot!! Keep it up!!

ad results.png

From ₹70,000 per day to averaging around ₹1,35,000 per day and ₹1.85,000 peak with implementation of Special Cost Cap Campaigns for this gifting company.

Case Studies jpg (1).jpg
Case Studies jpg.jpg

Hitting almost 6.61L per Day for this Brand. A high AOV Product with a ROAS of Almost 12 achieved. Also an Introductory Boost launch in a New city, made the day of the founder!

Significantly contributed to the Growth & outcome of the Brand + Enhanced the Brands Visibilty to a major Extent!

- Prachi, Co-Founder - Soapy Twist

The only thing we care about

Conversions > Engagement

We are simply a Performance Marketing Agency that will transform your Online Business and make you say “My Marketing is Finally Sorted!”

Words from the Team

We get it, we know you have a lot of questions like

What categories to advertise?

How to Leverage tech and Stay Ahead?

How to yield


When to Scale?

and the most important of all, ''is this the right agency for my brand?''

We work together as a close knit team of avengers, Driving your marketing actions, keeping a close eye on numbers, capturing all the marketing trends and helping you rest assured that your marketing wing is in good hands.

With 3 years + of experience, we have gone through all the issues that an E-com owner faces and by spending uncountable hours we have put in place things to solve these issues & build systems around it.


With our Solid Expertise & Quick action taking ability, we just max out our efforts to make your growth decisions more predictable.

And yes, we are always ready with the above answers, so you can rest assured that you are working with the right team of professionals and not a beginner who is just testing out skills.

When you partner up with us, we become an extension of your Brand, We take responsibility of your growth and your results. We celebrate your wins, we terminate all the losses & we are the first ones to take action.

All you need to do is focus on other aspects of your business while witnessing a substantial growth at your Marketing & Revenue end.



1) Do You Promise/Guarantee Results?

We will audit your ad accounts, understand your past marketing efforts and guarantee results. We refund 50% of the retainer if this result is not met. 

3) What is your charge?

We work on customisable retainer based model. The retainer depends on the type of spends and Sales channels that need to be worked upon.

5) Do you also do shoots and creatives?

Yes, we have a UGC Content creation wing that takes care of this aspect of your Business. You simply need to send across the product and we will create Scroll Stopping, Actionable Video ads that are sure to give you high CTRs and returns.

2) How long will it take to see results?

You can start seeing results within 45 to 90 days of the campaign launch.

4) How are you different from other ad agencies?

The transparency, clarity of goals and speed of execution combined with the weekly run rate monitoring is what sets us apart. We drive your marketing efforts, so you can sit back and work on different aspects of your business. This kind of accountability, transparency & confidence is hard to find in other agencies.

6) Do you have an editing team to edit our current assets?

Yes, we do have an expert editing team & a copywriting team that takes care of all our your existing assets. They modiy the existing assets to make them more actionable and ad quallified.

7) I am Starting out, is this the right time for me to onboard you?

We would strongly suggest you to work with us after hitting a minimum monthly revenue of $10K. If you still want to have a perfect start right at the beginning of your entrepreneural journey and have good amount of ad-spend that can be invested, then you are welcome to partner up with us.

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